Montag, 8. Februar 2016

Sunil Yapa - Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist

1999, Seattle, the day of an important WTO meeting and masses of protesters to hinder it from taking place. In the streets, the two groups oppose. Amongst the protesters are Victor, a prodigy who has been roaming the world for three years the flee the home which after the death of his mother became an uninhabitable place. King leads the protesters, but she has some secrets she'd like to keep. On the other side, there are policemen who find themselves in a situation they always feared. And Bishop, their head and father of Victor who has been looking for his son and who for days had been haunted by the feeling that they might meet in this very stressful situation. And his feeling did not betray him.

A single event, just a couple of hours but nevertheless so much plot and development for just one novel. The permanent shift of perspective together with flashbacks creates a full picture of all the characters involved in this struggle and allows them to unfold and gain depth. Apart from this, the gradual development of the group pressure is fascinating, from a peaceful protest to a complete mess out of control within a couple of moments - just because we are dealing with humans who are afraid, both sides lacking understanding and strong nerves. 

All in all, a very revommendable novel from a psychological point if view which provides a lot of insight in the thoughts and feelings that may overcome you in a moment of highest stress.
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