Samstag, 23. April 2016

Hannah Rothschild - The Improbability of Love

Looking for a birthday present for her current lover, Annie McDee discovers an interesting painting in a junk shop. Only shortly after she find herself amidst the art scene where opposing opinions tell her that she either bought rubbish or one of the most interesting and long-searched works of art. Unsuspectingly, her finding also leads to a serious family crisis and the discovery of a well-kept secret which shakes the world not only of several individuals but also the whole art world.

Admittedly I thought – due to the title – that the novel would be a rather light love story connected to art somehow. Yet, it is the complete opposite. We find complex characters who struggle in their lives with complicated family relationships, diverging feelings of independence and duties, and who are always searching for love. In the centre are two strong female characters lacking love and acceptance from their respective parents who are shown at a crucial moment of their life where they have to decide if they take revenge for the love denied or if blood just is thicker than water. The art scene was also very well depicted, you get a clear picture of the people involved and too me it seemed very realistic and believable.

All in all, a wonderful and interesting story which I can strongly recommend to read.

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