Samstag, 2. Januar 2016

David Whitehouse - Mobile Library

Twelve-year old Bobby and his fried Sunny are trying to transform the latter into a cyborg in order to have protection from the bullies and to get Bobby’s mother back. But the boys fail with their attempts and Bobby finds himself left alone to face the hardships of life. When he encounters little Rosa and her mother Val, his life changes completely. In stark contrast to his father, here he finds love and something like a family. After another incident at school, Val decides to escape with the two kinds in the mobile library she has been taking care of. A road trip all over England begins during which they meet Joe, another outcast, and find something like love.

A lovely book which oscillation between being funny to read because of the extraordinary characters and giving you a lot of food for thought. The family relationships presented here could hardly be worse, except for Val who has a lot of love to offer to all living beings; especially the boys suffer from their fathers’ harsh abrasive behaviour. The novel ha some fairy tale aspects which make it a lovely story to enjoy. Especially the plot revolving around the cyborg transformation is hilarious to read. David Whitehouse really has the capacity to make you laugh out loud the way he puts his words, the innocent naivety her inserts is really something to enjoy. 

The novel was provided for free by Pan Macillan via netgalley.
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