Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2016

Lisa Jackson - After She's Gone

The last scene of a thriller has just been filmed, the victim is dead and everybody is happy that they have finally made it. But something is wrong; Lucinda – who had to double the star of the film, Allie, because she did not appear on that day – does not stand up. The fake shooting has become a bloody reality. Yet the murder is not the only strange thing connected to this film production. The biggest question is: where is Allie? who remains missing after days and even weeks. When other murders of members of the crew happen, Cassie comes into the focus of the police. She is not only Allies envious sister but also the last one to have seen her and the only person close to all scenes of crime. Cassie starts to fight for herself and to find her sister; she is sure of her innocence, but she has blackouts and cannot remember hours of her life – exactly the ones when the murders happened.

A thriller which keeps you reading on and on and on. Too many mysteries in just one story, many facts which do not make sense and offer different explanations. The plot slowly moves from a quarrel between sisters over a psychological problem to a family affair and then to a stalking case – Lisa Jackson has integrated masses of aspects which give you a lot of room for speculation.

What I liked most was the fact that she also shifts perspective: we do not only get Cassie’s point of view although she is the protagonist and main suspect. We also hear the police as well as the murderer and thus a multifaceted view of the incidents forms. Several twists as well as a complex design of the characters could convince me of this thriller.

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