Sonntag, 15. Mai 2016

Adrian J. Walker - The End of the World Running Club

A strange remembrance of last night’s news, a world turned upside down, something strange but important happening. Edgar Hill’s life has been rather uneventful so far, but on this morning, he has to show that he can take care of his family. A strike, or rather: masses of strikes, hit Britain and only minutes make the difference between life and death. In the last, second, he can hide himself, his wife and their two kinds in their cellar. Soon he has to realize that he was everything but not prepared for such a situation. After weeks they are rescued and brought to a camp with hundreds of others survivors. The country is devastated, but there is hope. From the overweight, disinterested father, Ed turns into a strong man who immediately after has to show that strength can move mountains.

Adrian J. Walker first starts off with a rather classic pandemonium after an unfathomable strike hits innocent citizens. Chaos and anger, the fight for life and ruthless behavior rule. Then we see people taking care of each other, forming a new community which is stronger – just until the moment when the number of places which ensure survival is limited. The scenario appears to be quite realistic, most of it remains in the dark and cloudy which I think was a good idea since the characters do not really get reliable information and have to draw their own conclusions. The strongest of the novel, however, was the development of the protagonist. Not only did he slowly turn into a kind of hero, but the way he changes gradually and grows with each challenge it great to read and also authentic and believable.

I would not call the novel a thriller, there was a bit of thrill, surely, but for me the study of the characters and the human behavior in general in such a scenario are much more convincing and interesting than the moments of suspense.
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