Freitag, 6. Mai 2016

Salla Simukka - As Red as Blood

Winter in Tampere, Finland. School-girl Lumikki is invisible, she has been practising for years not be to noticed by other people. She dresses and moves unseen and can thus lead not a lonely but a life of her own. When she finds bloodstained and washed 500 € bills in the school’s dark room, she cannot trust her eyes, but they are real. It does not long for her to find out who put them there. A gang of three found them in a bag in the girl’s garden. Reluctantly, Lumikki is drawn in a story of corruption and her life is seriously in danger.

“As Red as Blood” is the first crime novel of a new series centred around the 17-year-old girl who looks like Snow White. The character of Lumikki is quite interesting. Albeit still quite young, she has perfected her talent of observing people and of delusion. It takes some time until the reader understands what happened in her life to make her keep under other people’s radar and to fight for her life. She is clever and acts ingeniously, at the same time you can sense that she is vulnerable and has endured much. A strong character who surely will be able to lead more novels, especially since not all secrets around her and her family are solved. The story in this opening novel of the series is full of suspense, interesting and unexpected twists. The plot is convincingly created and not question remains unanswered in the end. All in all, good entertainment with an unusual main character.
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