Samstag, 18. Juni 2016

Amy Stuart - Still Mine

A young woman from a remote village in England is missing. Clare is sent there to investigate the case privately, under the cover of a photographer interested in the mountains and woods, she starts to ask questions about Shayna Fowles. All seem to know something but nobody is eager to talk to the stranger. Shayna might be hiding from her husband, or her drugs dealer, her parents or even her doctor. Or she just might be dead. Clare is the best person to uncover what happened in Blackmore since she herself is on the run from the life she lead before.

Amy Stuart’s psychological thriller lives on the setting of the novel. This solitary small village with its strange inhabitants, the woods which seem to hide lots of stories and the protagonist who tries to hide her past – these factors put together create an atmosphere of suspense, danger and just give you the creeps. I really liked Clare since she combines two opposing characteristics: being vulnerable and running away on the one hand, being tough and dauntlessly standing her ground on the other. This makes her not only interesting but shows many different facets of an authentic human being. The case of Shayna is also convincingly designed and the solution provided makes absolute sense. All in all, everything you would expect from a psychological thriller.
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