Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2016

Margaret de Rohan - Night Train to Berlin

The correct answer to a strange question and a whole set of events is set into motion. Megan does not have the faintest idea of what she has triggered a couple of days before she is leaving Paris to spend some days in Berlin with her grandson. Her husband., Chief Inspector with the French police, soon will find out what his wife actually did and that she is in danger. When wife and grandson disappear from their train, the situation becomes critical and international cooperation is necessary not only to free them but to prevent one of the most horrible attacks on the German capital.

Margaret de Rohan’s novel is declared a thriller, yet thrill can hardly be found. Of course there is a crime story, some spying and international entanglement, but to me the novel lacked suspense throughout the story. One reason might be that I was constantly wondering about unbelievable facts. How can grandparents still be quite fit and work full time when they already have teenage grandchildren? And how can they have those grandchildren when they had not even met 30 years before? There is some side story in the German town of Neuwied – I still wonder how you manage to get there on your way from Paris to Berlin, it does not make sense at all, neither by car nor by train. And that you cannot make any phone call with your mobile if you do not have an Wi-Fi – sorry, with only the slightest technical knowledge I know that this is complete nonsense. Last point to mention: a French policeman staying at the hotel Adlon? Who should pay for the best and most expensive hotel in the whole country? The number of these small remarks that made me wonder and they took away most of the fun and annoyed me. Additionally, the characters did not really make the impression of being fully elaborated, too many details just did not fit. All in all, I am disappointed because from the description I had high expectations which were not fulfilled at all.
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