Sonntag, 6. März 2016

Caroline Wallace - The Finding of Martha Lost

Abandoned as a baby, Martha Lost spent all her life in the lost property shop of Liverpool Lime Street station where the shop keeper took care of her. When her foster mother dies, Martha is confronted with who she really is since she can only stay in the shop if she can provide the authorities with an identification number and a birth certificate. Apart from her own life’s secret, she has some more mysteries to solve. Hidden doors lead to mysterious tunnels, a suitcase which might be worth millions if it really belonged to the Beatles and an anonymous pen friend who slowly reveals her identity to Martha.

A very sweet, fairy tale like book which nevertheless touches serious questions of how your identity is determined and how important it is to know your family. Martha is a bit naive since she never left the closed world of the train station, but at the same time she acquired a good knowledge of people and is certainly capable of sharp observation. Her compassion for the people around her is greeted with help when she herself is in need and thus the obligatory happy-end is also provided. A lovely book with a bit of melancholy – perfect for a winter evening.
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