Dienstag, 1. März 2016

Tamar Cohen - The Broken

Your best friends can always turn to you, no matter which problems you have. But what do you do if the couple you are befriended with splits up and starts a personal war? Whom do you support and how far do you go when you do not know anymore whom to believe? Josh and Hannah have been sure they can trust Dan and Sash, but when Dan breaks up because he found another girl he loves, it all turns into a nightmare from which none of them can escape. The rose war goes even so far to risk their lives.

The novel presents a situation many readers might know and nobody wants to go through. Being involved in s split-up of close friends where do not want to take sides is one thing. But being part of the warfare where you yourself run the risk of being seriously hurt is something completely different. What I appreciated most was the way the characters were constructed. The limited number of them gave the author the possibility to present them in a multifaceted way which makes them appear lively and authentic. Of course, this story goes much beyond what happens every day, but nevertheless it could be true and it is definitely the worst case imaginable.
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