Dienstag, 1. März 2016

Jonathan Harnisch - When We Were Invincible

Georgie Gust, student at St Michael’s Academy, a renowned boarding school is at a critical age where he neither knows what to believe in, whom he wants to be and what is life should look like. Handicapped by Tourette’s Syndrome he has difficulties finding his place in school and in society. Just his love for Claudia can open him up and let him express his feelings.

I had serious difficulties finding my way into the novel. The main problem was Georgie who was, in my humble opinion, very poorly drawn. His character provides through the novel too many different aspects and the behaviour shown does not follow any clear line – just as the story. I was all the time wondering where all this might lead to. At the same time I had the strong impression of knowing the book because the parallels to well known coming-of-age-novels are just too obvious but at the same time disappointing. Maybe this is due to the disorder, maybe the story just lacks the congeniality other novels provide.
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