Dienstag, 1. März 2016

Terri Ann Leidich - Family Inheritance

Which imprint does a dysfunctional family leave on you and can you ever escape the feelings and memories of your childhood? When their mother die, the three sisters Helene, Alice and Suzanne meet again after years without contact. Convinced that the others had managed to flee from their past, they avoided each other not assuming that each of them also as an adult continues to live within small boundaries of fear, inferiority complex and the dream of a better life.

Terri Ann Leidich’s novel is a portrait of a family nobody wants to live in. It is the combination of despicable circumstances, weak characters and bad luck that sets in motion a development from which the girls cannot run away. The author really succeeded in drawing authentic characters whose story is absolutely convincible and at the same time frightening. Yet, this is a reality for many people and as such a good example where not looking too close can cause serious problems and leave people alone in despair. At some points it was very hard going on reading due to what the characters have to go through. At others the novel provides hope for everybody who does not see a way out of their life. All in all, a very touching story which leaves you thinking about it some time after closing the book.
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