Dienstag, 12. August 2014

Bethenny Frankel – Skinnygirl Cocktails. 100 fun & flirty guilt-free recipes

The Cover
The cover is styled mainly in pink which certainly will attract the target audience – girls. The cocktail glass, rimmed with sugar and a slice of lemon, as well as the usual skinnygirl figure leave no doubt about what the book is about. I like the make-up and I think it is attractive.

The content
The book starts with some information about how to drink without taking in too many calories and without getting drunk immediately. I found this quite useful and informative. The next section provides an overview of the equipment needed for making drinks and is certainly helpful for those who are not familiar with it. The actual recipes come with lovely pictures, sometimes some information or personal remarks by the author and always some hints about how to vary the cocktail. The instructions are easy to follow and apart from classic cocktails like the Margarita or the Mojito there is also a wide range of drinks I have never heard of. Recipes for snacks to go with the cocktails complete the book. In my opinion, compared to similar books, the number of cocktails presented is tremendous.

The overall makeup
The style of the books is kept rather simple which I like a lot. It is not too much a recipe book for girls and fancy writing or the like does not divert from the content. The pictures are mouthwatering but also in a reduced, simplistic style.


An appealing book in which the makeup and the content go very well together, which provides a lot of ideas complemented by useful information and tempting pictures.
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