Freitag, 22. August 2014

Karen Kingsbury - Hannah's Hope

15-year-old Hannah is looking forward to Christmas when she finally will see her parents again. As diplomats they live in Europe while she stays with her grandmother close to Washington. Not to think about her situation, she occupies herself with all kind of free-time activities. But her life suddenly gets another focus when her mother after announcing that they would not celebrate Christmas together this year also reveals that the man she believed to be her father is actually not. Her secret wish to spend the holidays with her family now shifts and she hopes to find her biological father. The former surfer now serves in the army and has just set off for a dangerous mission in Iraq.

“Hannah’s Hope” is part of the “Red Gloves” Christmas series by Karen Kingsbury. Faith and the belief in God’s miraculous abilities are omnipresent and make this novel perfect for the season. It is not the development of the characters or the plot which convince the reader but the way the Christian belief is integrated and without being overstressed nevertheless drives the story further.

A copy of the book was kindly provided by the publisher via
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