Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2015

Augusto DeAngelis - The Murdered Banker

An old friend is suspected to have murdered a banker to whom he owed a large sum. But Milan Inspector De Vincenzi believes in the innocence of his friend and soon has to cope with more people confessing the crime than he can wish for. Yet, as matters stand, none of the confessors has committed the deed, albeit they all have a motive. The murderer is somebody else, but how can he be revealed?

Augusto DeAngelis' crime novel is a classic story solved by clever observation and deduction and in no need of modern technology. This makes it very appealing and fun to read because together with the inspector one can put the pieces together and thus solve the riddle. The way it is constructed reminded me of the classics of the genre by Agatha Christie and therefore I liked it immediately. As a plus, the slightly depressing and dark mood of Milan in fog was transported by the story and fit very well to the plot.
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