Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2015

T.E. Woods - Fixed in Fear

The Fixer – a person who fixes things that need to be fixed, i.e. take justice where the legal system does not provide it – is back. Nobody knows about her identity except for Seattle Chief Detective Mort Grant who has a tricky case to solve in which one of his friends is involved and has to face serious threats to his family – coming from his own daughter who long ago opted for the dark side and is know a czarina looking over an empire making money with drugs, prostitution and murder.

The thrilling novel which intertwines both plots cleverly and provides masses of unexpected twists and turns which keep the reader on a constant watch. Having the protagonists personally involved in the deeds adds another aspects and a lot more tension since they cannot act freely but have to consider more than just the legal aspects. Right and wrong are not black and white anymore, but different shades of the same colour and thus the novel does portray reality as it is.

All in all, a suspenseful thriller with a convincing plot, interesting characters and far from a simple picture of the world.
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