Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2015

Luana Lewis - Forget me not

Vivien is found dead in her home. It looks like a suicide but this seems unbelievable, the attractive mother of lovely Lexi and beloved wife of Ben did not seem prone to it; she was leading the perfect life in a stylish house in London. Yet her mother Rose has some doubts. In the course of the investigation also the dark sides of the family are dug up: the relationship between Rose and Vivian was very distant, Rose hardly knew her grand-daughter. Lexi was a disappointment to her perfect mother and they constantly fought with each other and Vivian’s doctor had serious worries about her and contacted Ben. Was her death finally a perfect murder in the family?

Luana Lewis’ second thriller is full of suspense and unexpected twists and turns. What I missed a bit in her first novel is now fully developed: we have convincing characters, above all Rose, who are depicted in a multifaceted way and not just black and white. Throughout the novel, you develop ideas on what might have happened which soon after you can forget due to new outcomes which make it all appear in a completely different light. The problems of the characters are just all too real, so it is easy to imagine that the story might happen in reality.

All in all, a thriller which does not give you the creeps but offers a lot of suspense and speculation.
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