Dienstag, 15. Dezember 2015

Elizabeth Enslin - While the Gods Were Sleeping

The anthropologist Elizabeth Enslin was focusing on African cultures when she meets her future husband und therefore shifts her attention to Nepal. In his home village she fully immerses in the old and traditional culture which provides her with deep insight in a very new way of living. Especially the role of women and the caste system have a lot of astonishing aspects to offer which sometimes led her to seriously question her decision for living there.

Apart from some funny, astonishing and sometimes appalling anecdotes, what I really appreciated about the book was the personal experience and way Elizabeth Enslin shares them with the readers. Each piece of the puzzle adds to forming a whole picture of a very different culture which still works according to its own, old traditions and habits which sometimes seem to be completely out of space. Additionally, it was very informative and to learn about the structures and especially about the language, this was the most interesting part for study for me. Above all, the slow progress of women towards independence and more rights and the struggle connected with this were very illustrating for readers who happen to live in a society were equal rights and treatment are not questioned anymore.

All in all, a very recommendable read.
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