Samstag, 23. Juli 2016

Lisa Unger - Ink and Bone

Finley moves to The Hollows, the place her mother has fled from due to the dark mood lingering there. But for Finley it is the right place to live with her grandmother Eloise as both of them are different from ordinary people. They hear voices and see people no one else can hear or see. They are gifted and haunted at the same time - nothing you can really wish for. When young Abbey goes missing, Finley's first case arrives. She can make contact, but is she able to locate the girl before it is too late?

Lisa Unger's novel plays with our darkest dreams and nightmares. Could the dead still be around us and try to make contact? Are there things between heaven and earth that only the gifted can perceive and which go unnoticed by all the others? Everybody knows these feelings that cannot be explained, knows certainties without knowing where they come from, thus, we consider them rather coincidences than something real. But is there more to it?

The plot plays with those things and mixes the fictional reality with those supernatural perceptions. In this way, there is a lot of suspense and thrill since you never know who will win this game between real and unreal. Additionally, the main characters are convincingly drawn with all their positive and negative traits which gives the novel a lot of authenticity.
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