Dienstag, 3. November 2015

Alex Erickson - Death by Tea

Life could be so easy for Krissy Hancock. Just enjoying her bookstore café “Death by Coffee” and looking for some man to love. But when a customer and member of a book club is murdered in her café, quietness is over and soon Krissy herself becomes a prime suspect. This does not happen without a cause, she definitely was in her café in the night of the murder and since she has been caught stealing foreign property, the police have an eye on her. As she has done nothing wrong but is unable to convince the police of it, Krissy starts to investigate herself – not for the first time and with a crime novel writer as father, she is fully equipped to solve this case, too.

Alex Erickson’s novel is a perfect mixture of a crime story and a lot of humour. I really enjoyed reading it because the combination works for both, there is neither too much thrill nor to much comedy in it. The case is cleverly constructed and convincingly solved. There have been clues, also some misleading, but as a reader you could try to solve the riddle without being deceived by some information coming out of nowhere without any motive. The especially liked the cat in the novel which behaves just like a wild beast aiming at the complete destruction of Krissy’s house. The way it is portrayed is just hilarious. The tone of the novel, too, was very enjoyable and light; the first person narrator is a very good choice to tell the story with a blinking eye, not taking everything too seriously.
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