Samstag, 28. November 2015

Jo Nesbo - Blood on Snow

He could have had a normal life; he was gifted in a way. But his first murder prevented him from leading an ordinary life. Now, he is a fixer, a person who fixes problem, i.e. he is a killer. His next job is to end his boss’ wife’s life. However, he falls in love with her and assassinates her lover – his boss’ son. This means war and only one can survive.

Jo Nesbo’s new series starts in a very promising way. Told with a first person narrator we are from the beginning on the murderer’s side which is rather atypical since normally we, as the readers, like to go with the good guys. Nevertheless, he is sympathetic and has some very charming traits albeit he is rather singular in his manners and character. This very unusual protagonist with the very plain name “Olav” promises a lot which remains to be fulfilled in the sequels.
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