Mittwoch, 4. November 2015

Michael Berube - The secret life of stories

Michael Berube draws comparisons between the way stories are narrated – something mankind has always done – and the way we perceive the world and think. The capacity of understanding narrative is sometimes argued to be the decisive difference between human beings and other species, but Berube shows that we have to extend or understanding of intellect at this point.

What I really appreciated in this highly demanding book was Berube’s very personal approach to the topic. He manages to convey his ideas to readers who are not totally immersed in the topic by providing his personal experiences and drawing parallels that everyone can easily follow. By using many popular novels with which many readers should be familiar, he provides access to his theory and thus expands our understanding of disabilities and the way they are portrayed in fiction and film. I am sure that after reading this book, I am now much more sensitive to how people with disabilities are depicted and take a closer look at the stereotypes used.
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