Mittwoch, 18. November 2015

Helen H. Durrant - Dark Murder

A woman murdered and her eyes poked out, another woman disappeared without a trace. Detective Stephen Greco has just started his new job and apart from the weird team of very singular individuals, he immediately has a complex case to solve. What he does not need is his ex wife handing over the 5-year-old daughter to take care of in this situation. Several clues hint at different motives and suspects; the pressure on the team quickly rises especially when one of them gets mixed up with the local underworld.

Helen H. Durrant’s protagonist is a very interesting character, neither the superhero nor the addicted and burnt out cop who can solve his case like a lonesome wolf. Adding the personal aspect as a suddenly single parent – which also widens his horizon with regard to his team – is quite innovative in crime novels. The plot itself is packed with suspense, different lines of action are slowly intertwined thus providing a convincing solution and coherent story. All in all, a novel which is enjoyable to read, a well made mixture of suspense and personal components which make the characters appear real and authentic.

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