Mittwoch, 18. November 2015

Mary-Louise Parker - Dear Mr You

An extraordinary diary in form of letters. The unnamed writer addresses persons with whom she had short encounters or long relationships, with whom she connects wonderful or awful memories or who someday in the future will encounter her beloved children. Thus episodes of her life are narrated, some funny, some thoughtful, some memorable, other rather lightweight. A kaleidoscopic view on her life.

What I appreciated most while reading was the different tone always well adapted to the addressee and thus varying from letter to letter. In some you could really feel the emotional engagement in the story, other were a bit more reserved. The sum of it gives an interesting impression of the life of a fictional character which nevertheless seems to be quite authentic since all those stories have a relevance in the character’s life no matter how important the really have been or how close the addressee. Some render you thinking about what matters in life, some letters you can just enjoy. All in all, a very varied collection of letters.

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