Sonntag, 27. September 2015

Anita Diamant - The Boston Girl

At her 85th birthday, Addie Baum is looking back and telling her grand-daughter what her life was like. Being born as the third daughter of European immigrants, the only one born in the new world, she could attend school and get an education when her older sisters had to start working early. Her parents had quite different ideas from what a girl’s life should be like, but Addie went her own way, attended evening classes, worked as a secretary and even a journalist. Just the men were not that easy and it took some time before she, after having become a real Boston girl, found the perfect match.

Anita Diamant narrates the life of modern American, a woman who seized her chances but nevertheless had an understanding for the points of view of her elder sisters and parents who were born and raised in the old world. Nevertheless not all is presented through rose-coloured glasses, quite the opposite, the hard and ugly sides of life are not left out and Addie does not get everything she wants. In this way, the story gets more and more authentic and convincing. The characters are all drawn with care and love, they are not easy, sometimes inconvenient and even annoying, but this is why the story is lively and a remarkable piece of work.
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