Mittwoch, 23. September 2015

Paul Vidich - An Honorable Man

Washington, early 1950s. The Cold War is just about to reach its climax, when the agencies and their spies dominate politics. George Mueller works for the CIA and tries to establish the link to a Soviet agent, something he already did in the post-war Europe. That time, something went wrong and now again, there must be someone informing the enemy. Mueller is on his own, a tricky mission with a lot at stake.

A classic espionage novel in the style of Jon le Carrés stories which revives the era of the two opposing blocks when agents and double agents had control and nobody knew whom to trust. Here too, we are with the protagonist who is surrounded by old friends and suspicious colleagues and never knows if he does not rely on the wrong person. The antagonism of the spy who feels bound to his country and, on the other hand, also just wishes to lead a decent life with his family, is the strongest part of this novel. The impossibility of uniting both and being endangered constantly keep the story at any moment on a thrilling walk on a tightrope.  
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