Montag, 7. September 2015

Robert Atkins - ArtSpeak

Making Art something tangible for ordinary people as well as art students new in the field and giving everybody who is interested the necessary vocabulary to speak about what has been created since WW2 is the aim of Robert Atkin’s guide to contemporary art. A short introduction explains how to use the book before a very useful chart outlines the chronologic development of the different styles. This is followed by a timeline listing world events next to what happened in the art world. The last and most important part is a register of the most important terms which are explained and put into their historic context.

What I liked especially about this guide is first of all the clear structure which makes it easy for non-experts to get started. In the ebook version getting from one term to another reference is very easy which also facilitates the handling. The timeline for a first idea and a reference to which you can come back at any moment, is also very helpful. The explanations are short and concise and at the same time understandable for people without deeper knowledge in the field. 
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