Dienstag, 29. September 2015

Anna Gavalda - Breaking Away

It was meant to become a wonderful day when Simon, his wife and his sister Garance get on their way to a wedding. But from the beginning sister and wife do not get along very well and fight in the car, actually they never have liked each other a lot. Garance misses their other sister, Lola, and their brother Vincent. When Lola suddenly phones and asks them to meet her at a train station, the atmosphere gets even more tense and at the wedding, the sibling finally decide to go on another trip and visit Vincent in his castle. Again, they can just be kids and remember the time they hat together when they were young.

I have read other works of Anna Gavalda before and what captured me there, the depth of the characters, their complexity and struggles, is lacking here completely. All protagonists remain superficial and are drawn too much in black and white to appear lively. What made the story especially strange was the fact, that the perspective changes at one point and the first person narrator becomes a third person narrator. This was also the moment where the plot became a bit strange and the novel lost me completely. Unfortunately a disappointment compared to other novels of the author.

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