Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2015

Andrea N. Carr - Family Tree

Angel has been convicted and sent to prison. While she is there, she is informed of a family tragedy: her sister Lady has hanged herself. She is released for the funeral and when she meets her family again, memories of her childhood, when Lady was her dearest companion arise. Why didn’t anybody prevent this from happening? And are there underneath it all recurring structures in this family. Back in jail again, Angel finally can make peace with herself and her family.

For me, the novel lacked focus. There are so many things in it; unfortunately, none of them is really elaborated. The drug use or rather abuse is one side note. The complicated family structure is only halfheartedly analyzed. Angels work life and her career as a writer are repeatedly mentioned but you never fully understand it all. And what she does for her follow prisoners is also just jotted down in a few sentences.

The main character is poorly developed, she undergoes some change but it is not really believable because we simple do not get to know enough of her.
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