Freitag, 23. Oktober 2015

Kate Morton - The Lake House

An old house by the sea, a celebration with many friends and a boy who goes missing. For seventy years, the house falls to sleep, abandoned, buried with a secret. When Sadie by coincidence finds her way to it, she is far from searching for old secrets, but as a detective, her interest is raised immediately and since she is on an involuntary leave and has nothing else to do, she starts researching on what happened to the family in the 1930s and discovers that false memories, the love for a child and  the will to keeping secrets might be stronger than anyone could ever believe.

Kate Morton's novel narrates to story from two points of view. We have the research in the present and the narration of the events in the 1930s which slowly reveal what really happened. Added to this are memories of the characters which sometimes prove wrong - this is what makes the story interesting from the first to the last page. The female protagonists are strong characters drawn with different shades and far from being perfect which makes them appear credible and authentic. Both stories have their interesting aspects and are good representations of their time and the struggles especially women had and have to go through.

There is just one small aspect which for my taste was a bit too much and that the happy-end and the way it all turned out. Less would have been more here. Nevertheless a wonderful novel to enjoy.
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