Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2015

Jane Green - Saving Grace

After her husband Ted's assistant left them to care for her mother, Grace feels life become more and more a mess. They are in urgent need of help if they want to continue their careers as writer and cook. And out of nowhere there she is: Beth, a lovely and warm, albeit a bit plain girl who likes nothing more than managing other people's life and making them comfortable. Everything seems to be perfect but slowly dark clouds are arriving and Grace's life takes unusual steps. Before she can do anything about it, Beth takes over the lead and Grace's life drifts away.

Jane Green's writing keeps you reading on and on and on. It is fascinating to see how slowly Beth manages to seed mistrust and thus bring everything to a breakdown. The two main characters are both women which is already astonishing, both of them strong in their will and the ability to convince people, this leads to an equal fight of which the outcome is not clear for a long time. Cleveras the characters interact is also the construction of the novel which is thrilling in some parts and interesting in the characters' development in others. All in all, entertaining to read and maybe closer to reality that one could believe.
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