Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2015

Meg Carter - The Lies We Tell

Twenty years have passed since last Katy saw Jude. The incident burnt into her brain: the friend was attacked and Katy left her alone and ran away. Now she is back and there are things to be sorted out. At first Katy does not give it too much attention but gradually her life becomes more and more threatened by the old acquaintance and she starts to wonder if she got something wrong from in her memory of that summer. Slowly the past returns and in talking to her family she finds out what was hidden behind masks and changes her life forever.

What starts as a slow with minor incidents becomes more thrilling when they are linked and a pattern becomes visible. As Katy unfolds what happened in her youth the reader develops an understanding and being in the advantage of memories from different characters, you soon detect that there was a lot more than the innocent girl assumed. Watching her detect the dyfunctioning of her own family, lies not only she told but also her surrounding and a memory which was adjusted to her own needs, is what makes reading this novel a great fun.

The plot is strong and interesting, yet the language sometimes lacks variety and especially the scenes in which Katy and her husband quarrel are weak and annoying. If they are meant to slow down the action and to create suspense, this did not work for me. It might, however, for readers who are into romance and the hardship of marriages. The end, too, was a bit too much to my taste.

All in all, a convincing story with an enthralling plot.
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