Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015

Lauren Groff - Fates and Furies

The perfect couple, the perfect love. Only twenty-two, Mathilde and Lotto see all the life and glamour ahead of them, both into the arts, they are destined to make their way to the top. But life is not that easy and success on Broadway does not come easily. So this easygoing love has to face hard times of marriage and especially the secrets that lie much deeper than both of them would ever expect.

I found it rather difficult to find my way into the novel, it took some time to see through the narrative structure which springs backwards and forwards and thus reveals secret after secret and changing thereby the whole plot. In the end, you have got a completely different story from what you had in the beginning or the middle; this is not only astonishing, but rather fascinating.

The main characters, besides Mathilde and Lotto, basically another friend and Lotto’s mother and much younger sister, are drawn in a very authentic and plausible way. Albeit the fact that Mathilde’s life seems to be rather strange and unique, you can imagine those people and you find traits in them that are inherent in the human nature and thus omnipresent in reality.

The title seems, at first, to be chosen due to the alliteration, it sounds good and is easy to remember which might help selling the novel. But – and this was quite an astonishment – it is simply perfect for the novel. I was looking out for the fury for quite some time, but then it finally hit me like a hammer and the main character transformed into a Greed goddess like Nemesis who directs the way of the people around her.

Not an easy novel to read, sometimes even hard to digest, but it is definitely worth the hardship.
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